This list is a summary of some of the most significant proposed regulatory changes that will effect a wide range of RTOs if implemented.

Please refer to Option 3 & Appendix A in the NSSC position statement to see new requirements and changes from previous regulations. 

The proposed changes are still being reviewed in relation to industry feedback as per our related news article, which you can read here.

  • Change of language from RTO to LTO (Licensed Training Organisation).
  • Providers (LTOs) will need to demonstrate evidence against a new set of standards to be applied nationally (AVQS Quality Framework to replace both AQTF Standards & NVRs).
  • Each provider will need to have an accountable and registered Education Officer who is responsible for maintaining compliance of all training & assessment within the organisation.  Education Officers need to hold a diploma or higher level qualification in education and training.
  • Increased need for partnership arrangements to be clear and transparent to auditors and learners
  • Partnership arrangements for the delivery of training would need to be approved by regulator.
  • Changes to reporting requirements.
  • More formal and active industry engagement to replace industry consultation.
  • More publicly available information about LTOs performance
  • Tougher registration (licensing) requirements with provisional licensing period for new providers.
  • LTOs would need to submit information and updates to information on My Skills Website.
  • Requirement to annually conduct self-assessment evaluation of organisational processes to improve quality training and assessment.
  • Requirement to comply with the AQF
  • Trainers delivering TAE40110 will need to hold a minimum level of a Diploma of VET.
  • Tighter arrangements for Trainers operating under direct supervision.