The Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) is a contract between the Victorian Department of Education & Early Childhood Development and specific RTOs to grant government-funding for the delivery of training to eligible students enrolling in an approved course/qualification in Victoria.  This program aims to make training more widely accessible and to ensure there are skilled and qualified candidates in the workforce to meet the needs of industry.

Is this relevant to my students?

Eligibility is determined by a range of factors including age,  Australian/New Zealand Citizenship, prior qualification level, other concurrent government funded enrollments.

Additionally the course you deliver must appear on the approved courses list. The 2015 list has not yet been made available.

Is my course approved for funding?

The latest funded courses report can be downloaded from here.  The report shows maximum number of scheduled hours for each course and the rate at which subsidies will be paid.

What are my compliance obligations?

Your compliance requirements will increase if you get a VET Funding Contract, please review the compliance framework here for an introduction:

You should be aware that there may be a level of risk involved as your funding contract can be revoked for non-compliances and funding availability for courses you deliver/plan to deliver may change in the future.  We recommend working closely with a consultant or compliance expert if you want to apply for VTG for the first time.

We can help…

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