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Huge range of topics

VETevolve has a huge range of topics you can choose from. You’ll get access to new modules as they are released meaning you’ll always know you have the most recent and up to date content.

Get access to new topics as they are released

We’re developing new content year round and all VETevolve members will get access to new topics as they are released. This means you’ll always know you have fresh new PD when you need it.


Complete the modules you want to

All members get access to the new modules we release.  VETevolve Pro members will also get access to  exclusive topics, tools and additional resources. All members can choose the modules they want to complete based on the goals they want to achieve.


Live PD Log

Know exactly what professional development you’ve completed through your PD log that’s automatically updated as you complete modules.

Download certificates at any time

As you complete modules in VETevolve, your certificates will be automatically issued. When it comes time to update your PD log, log into VETevolve to access your certificates and download them at any time.

Track PD goals

Each module in VETevolve earns points towards different PD goals based on the topic and the amount of information included in the module. This means you’ll always know how much PD has been done in relation to training skills, assessment skills, compliance topics and more.

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Fresh and engaging content

VETevolve content is fresh off the press. It has been developed, curated and refined by our team of VET experts. That means you’ll get new content that will keep you engaged year-round.

A range of levels and topics

VETevolve covers a range of topics at a range of levels. We have topics about learner engagement, assessment design, e-learning, compliance topics such as validation and industry engagement, as well as administration-focused topics. We also have basic refresher-style content, as well as higher-level advanced topics.

Pick up from where you left

VETevolve will remember where you left off in your last session so you can always come straight back to where you left when you’re ready.

PD on the go

VETevolve can be accessed from any device, as long as you have an internet connection. You can complete your PD when it suits you – on the train, in a waiting room, during the day, or other!

Live webinars

Your VETevolve membership will give you either a discount on live webinars or a number of included live webinars as part of your membership, depending on which level you choose.

Compliant Trainer/ Assessor PD records

With a huge range of topics, instant certificates and the ability to track progress and track PD logs; with VETevolve, you’ll know your trainer/ assessor professional development records will always be compliant.


Current and soon to be released module topics in VETevolve

New Resources, New LMS, New PD, & more

RTO Advice Group, Eduworks Resources, VETevolve have been creating quality and compliant products – including new resources, a new LMS & new PD modules!

Fail to Plan, Prepare to Fail – The benefits of effective session planning

This module looks at the value of detailed session planning for each of your sessions. Many trainers arrive at their session with a PowerPoint in hand, but no outline of how their session will run. Having a session plan with timing of the session planned out, often helps you deliver an engaging session.

Student Engagement Strategies for the Classroom

This module provides different ways of engaging students in the classroom during your delivery. This module has been developed by a professional experienced facilitator and gives you a toolbox of approaches you can use to ensure your students get the most of your sessions.

Professional Communication Skills for Trainers & Assessors

This module provides some tips and tricks for mastering your communication skills. It looks at providing constructive feedback, tips and tricks for refining your delivery skills and more.

Victorious Validation

Most assessors need to participate in validation however many are not confident in their validation skills. This module provides the how to of validation.

Assessment Fundamentals

A refresher on the principles of assessment, rules of evidence and how to apply them to assessment decision making.

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