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Individual Therapy

Why join VETevolve?

Under clause 1.13 and 1.16 of the Standards for RTOs 2015, trainers and assessors need to make sure they are continuing to develop their skills and knowledge in the practice of vocational education and training, and training and assessment.

If you have a VETevolve subscription, it will assist you in meeting this requirement as new content is regularly added which as a member, you’ll get instant access to. As soon as you complete a module, you’ll get a certificate sent to you to add to your PD file. You can also log in at any time to see everything you’ve completed, or download another copy of your certificates. We’ve got a wide range of topics in there to ensure you are developing your skills and knowledge and have recent and relevant information and important updates. If you have a subscription to VETevolve and log in at least once every three months to complete some new modules, you’ll always be on top of your PD requirements as a trainer/assessor. The only other thing you’ll need to complete is professional development for the industry that you train and assess.

How do I prove I've complete professional development through VETevolve?

VETevolve is an automated system, meaning you’ll be able to access what you need, when you need to. Each time you complete a module (or a topic) of professional development in VETevolve, a certificate of completion will be automatically generated and sent to you. If you want to access a record of all the professional development modules you’ve completed, you can login to VETevolve at any time and go to the Awards page. Here you can see everything you’ve completed in VETevolve, or you can download a copy of your certificates of completion as you need them.

What's the difference between the essentials and pro memberships?

All VETevolve memberships include access to self-paced PD topics that can be completed at any time.
All pro memberships allow members to join up to four free live webinars held by RTO Advice Group of their choice (valued at $340). A pro membership also contains exclusive pro content.
VETevolve essentials members can purchase live webinars at a reduced rate of 10% off.

Why did you create VETevolve?

Trainer and Assessor staff files are consistently an issue at audit for most RTOs. Having been to audit with many of our own clients, we know how hard it is to find trainers that are not only great at what they do but that also keep up with the professional development requirements. Most often we find that trainers and assessors are great at sourcing and attending industry PD but when it comes to VET PD they fall behind. 

RTOs are often then left trying to scramble to get their trainers enrolled in and completing professional development before an audit. 

Enter VETevolve. Not only does VETevolve provide members with all the VET PD they need for the year, but its also on demand! Meaning if you’re looking to hire a new trainer and they don’t have the required PD it’s easy for them to log in and dedicate time to completing PD prior to commencement or audit (whatever the circumstance is). 

Do I need to login to VETevolve at certain times?

All of the content in VETevolve is designed to be self-paced and self-serve. This means you can complete your professional development whenever it suits you and fit it in around your other work and life commitments.

A VETevolve pro membership gives you access to four of our live professional development webinars. If you are attending a webinar, the webinars are a designated time, however a recording of a webinar is available upon request.

What topics are available in VETevolve?

Current and soon to be released modules in VETevolve include:

  • Fail to plan, prepare to fail – the benefits of effective session planning
  • VET Fundamentals 
  • Making Training Fun
  • Assessment Essentials 
  • Student Engagement Strategies for the classroom 
  • Professional Communication Skills for Trainers & Assessors
  • Victorious Validation

.. and much more!

Couples & Group Therapy

What's involved in each VETevolve module?

Each VETevolve module includes some content that you’ll need to read through or watch. Some modules provide a number of different sections of content, and some modules just provide one lot of content to read through. The readings may also include videos, short quizzes and checks of knowledge.

Once you’ve completed reading the content, there is a short multiple-choice quiz for you to complete. The quiz shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Once you’ve completed the readings and scored at least 80% in the quiz, you’ll be sent your certificate.

How long does each module take to complete?

Each module is completely self-paced which means members can read through and watch the content at their own pace.

On average, we estimate however that most modules will take around 3 hours to complete from start to finish.

Some modules may be shorter and some may be longer depending on the topic and the level of information needed. This will be reflected in the points allocated against module.

What are the benefits of a business membership?

There are many benefits of a business membership. However, the biggest benefit is that with all of our business memberships we provide admin logins for compliance officers or managers. As an admin, you can login to view and track your staff’s completed PD, see when members last logged in, download certificates for staff files and much more!

This is great for keeping your trainers and assessors up to date with their PD requirements.

Another benefit is the cost savings! With memberships starting from as little as $125 per person per year VETevolve is affordable for RTOs of any size. Most webinars offered in the industry range from $50 – $100 per session and thats only one topic! VETevolve gives your members access to a huge range of topics for a fraction of the cost.

Are membership fees refundable?

There are a lot of inclusions in your VETevolve membership fee, with a huge range of professional development topics accessible and updated throughout the year.

Often attending one PD workshop will cost you more than a yearly membership to VETevolve. For this reason, once you’ve subscribed and paid your membership fees, they are not refundable.

Who is behind VETevolve?

VETevolve was created by RTO Advice Group. One of Australia’s largest RTO consultancy firms. With over 90 years of combined VET experience, you can be sure that the information provided is current and industry-relevant. 

How will I know when a new module is released?

As soon as a new module is released in VETevolve all members will receive an email advising them that it’s now available for completion. 

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