The following updates to Training Packages have been recently endorsed by the NSSC (National Skills Strandards Council), and announced in the September.

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LGA04 – Local Government Training Package – Version 3.0 – released 10-09-12

 Changes include:

  • Minor editorial and word changes across a number of qualifications and units of competency. 
  • New Qualification – LGA50712 Diploma of Local Government
  • New Unit of Competency – LGAGENE503 Perform the role of an elected member
  • New Skill Set – Elected Members Skill Set
  • Removed Qualification – LGA50304 Diploma of Local Government (Land Management)
  • Deleted Skill Set – Building certifiers and assessors skill set


CPP07 – Property Services Training Package – Version 11.0 – released 26-09-12

Changes include:

  • 2 new home sustainability assessment (HSA) qualifications:
    • CPP41212 Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment
    • CPP51012 Diploma of Residential Building Energy Assessment
  • 16 New HSA units of competency:


FDF10 – Food Processing Training Package – V4.0 – Released 06-09-12

Changes include:

  • Addition of new Qualification:
    •  FDF41012 Certificate IV in Flour Milling
  • Addition of 6 new Units of Competency:
    • FDFGR3003A Lead flour milling shift operations
    • FDFGR3004A Control mill processes and performance
    • FDFGR4001A Control power and automation for milling processes
    • FDFGR4002A Supervise testing processes for wheat and flour
    • FDFGR4003A Manage mill logistics and support services
    • FDFGR4004A Supervise dust control procedures in a grain processing enterprise
  • Replacement of 17 superseded imported Units from MSA07 to MSS11 deemed ‘not equivalent’ by host ISC
  • ISC Upgrade
  •  Addition of 2 new Units to FDF30111 Certificate III in Food Processing to support flour milling outcomes
    • FDFGR3003A Lead flour milling shift operations
    • FDFGR3004A Control mill processes and performance
  •  Replacement of superseded imported Units from MSA07 to MSS11 deemed ‘equivalent’ by host ISC


ACH10 – Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package – V4.0 released 15-10-12

Changes include:

  • Addition of 6 new Qualifications:
    •  AHC33412 Certificate III in Seed Production
    • AHC33512 Certificate III in Seed Testing
    • AHC41412 Certificate IV in Seed Production
    • AHC41512 Certificate IV in Seed Testing
    •  AHC41612 Certificate IV in Organic Farming
    • AHC51812 Diploma of Organic Farming
  • Addition of 7 new Units in Organic production
  • Addition of 27 new Units in seed testing and seed production
  • Addition of 10 imported Units of Competency
  • ISC Upgrades:
    • New Skill Set for Seed Crop Field Inspectors
    • Update of all equivalent imported Units of Competency
    • Minor typographical corrections


NewTraining Package PUA12 – Public Safety Training Package V1.1 – released 28/08/12

  • Editorial and typographical corrections only
  • V1.0 was released on the 9/08/12 and contains 55 New Qualifications in various areas of public safety and include industry wide, police sector and SES Sector Qualifications.