Top 5 challenges students encounter when it comes to financing studies

Here are the top 5 challenges students encounter when it comes to financing their studies, and why Study Loans is a far better alternative for a happier and more secure student.

  1. When it comes to Private Education institutions – for many there are only 2 options – pay the full fee up front or don’t go. With Study Loans, a student now has the option of paying off their fees as they proceed through their studies rather than up front.
  2. For those that do offer VET Student Loans or FEE-HELP their Loan Terms are always dependent on income. Study Loans offers a loan term from 18-48 months to be able to pay off the fees.
  3. VET Student Loans and FEE-HELP have up-front loading making it hard for a student to get their foot in the door however Study Loans do not.
  4. If a student decides not to continue with their studies any further – they are usually charged a fee for incompletion. However, with Study Loans, repayments work in tranches. Therefore, at certain points in a student’s studies, they may decide to change direction or not continue. So, a student is only charged in tranches rather than an overall lump sum.
  5. When a student finances their studies, they have to sign up to a mountain of debt ahead of them rather than being able to pay it off in smaller amounts as they study. Thus meaning, they complete their qualifications with far less debt. Study Loans offers a simple Pay-as-you-go method which protects a student from a pile of debt at the end of their studies.

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