TINO is the Trainer’s Industry Networking Organisation, which has been formed to provide regular professional development opportunities to trainers and assessors. Sessions are free and are held regularly each month in the CBD, commencing Thursday 15 September.

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Thursday 15 September 2011  

Maintaining compliance as a trainer/assessor

This session will guide trainers and assessors on how to ensure their professional development plan and records are maintained. You’ll get new ideas on finding ways to get professional development without relying on expensive workshops and seminars. We’ll also look at demonstrating industry currency and vocational competence through effective skill mapping. Session delivered by RTO Advice Services.

Thursday 13 October 2011

Managing the diverse learning group

Learn about diversity in training groups and how you can use this diversity to your advantage as a trainer/assessor. This session will look at management strategies for a diverse group as well as identifying and supporting learners with additional needs both in the classroom and in the workplace learning environment. Session delivered by Diversity at Work and RTO Advice Services.

Thursday 17 November 2011

Graphic facilitation skills 

Delivered by specialist, Lynne Cazaly, this session will add something fun to your training toolbox. Want to liven up your training sessions using graphics that you create on the go, rather than filling up your whiteboard only with words? Stimulate those visual learners in the group and add some fun to your sessions by using the tools and techniques we’ll provide you with during this session. Even if you feel you have no drawing skills, we’ll give you ways of drawing pictures that are easy to remember and look great during a training session. 

Thursday 8 December  2011

Christmas Party and topic to be advised 

Come along to wind up the year with a Christmas Party with the new network you have established through TINO. A shorter session (to allow more time for the party) will be provided based on attendee interest.