We can’t believe it’s that time of year again, 2012 has flown by and we’ve kept ourselves rather busy. We’ve compiled a list to reflect on exactly how much we achieved over the year.

During 2012 we: 

  • Hired Brianna Moore as our Administration and Audit Coordinator, see Staff Profile
  • Welcomed back Emily Hodge in her new role of Special Projects Officer (focusing mainly on newsletters, special events and marketing) see Staff Profile
  • Revised our Quality Management System, released V2.0 and sold 17 copies.
  • Relaunched RTO KnowHow and exhibited at 2 Conferences (ACPET and VELG) 
  • Provided over 100 RTOs and industry consultants with Free Trials of RTO KnowHow
  • Signed up 7 monthly subscribers to RTO KnowHow
  • Increased our e-newsletter subscriber base to 525
  • Developed over 50 unit assessment kits 
  • Developed 7 new RPL kits
  • Conducted 45 audits for the VRQA
  • Guided 2 new RTOs successfully through registration
  • Assisted another 7 organisations to start setting up as RTOs
  • Assisted with 3 extensions to scope
  • Guided 3 clients through audit rectifications
  • Published 13 desktop books
  • Written 8 new learner guides
  • Developed 5 LLN kits 
  • Placed 15 permanent staff and 23 temporary staff in positions through RTO Recruit

We know our clients and readers have been very busy too. We would love to hear your achievements too. Feel free to post them as comments below or if you’d like to keep it a bit more private email us: info@rtoadvice.com.au.preview.cp-server.com.