12 Qualifications and 200 enrolments in 12 months

Thanks to RTO Advice Group and the experience of its directors I was confident in the decision to develop my own RTO and managed to do so, with no non compliances in only 4 months. Although my team and I had worked for several years with other RTOs, and I myself had been a State Manager and Campus Director, the task of setting up an RTO from conception to registration is very different to working for an established organisation, even if the role was in senior management. RTO registration, compliance and maintenance is a complex and involved process, requiring thorough understanding of the AQTF, State Training Authority requirements, detailed HR policies and company procedures combined with finely tuned compliance and risk management strategies. All must be in place and well understood before registration can occur. Apart from all that, once established you need the confidence understanding and ability to maintain registration and grow your business. Jacqui and Shashi can assist with all the above and whilst doing so, support the RTO staff in ensuring the business moves forward in the right direction from the beginning. Their supportive and friendly approach provides you with the skills and knowledge required when establishing a high quality RTO and their on going consultancy services means you are never alone in maintaining that high service level beyond registration. Their years of experience and dedication to the training industry was invaluable to myself as a new RTO owner, wanting to ‘get it right’. If you believe in high-quality training and assessment services, and want to be confident when it comes to initial registration, then I highly recommend taking the time to speak with RTO Advice Services before you take the first step. We did, and in less than twelve months, TLC Training Solutions has 12 qualifications on scope, has grown to over 200 enrolments, is about to launch into two other States, has government contracts and I can say in all honesty, we have the wisdom and experience of Jacqui and Shashi to thank for our ability to do so. With many thanks!

Teena Sapwell