RTO Registration

Its not a secret that setting up an RTO can be difficult..

Visitors to the Australlian Skills Quality Authority page are greeted with phrases like: ‘Complex process’, ‘high standards’, and ‘rigorous assessment’. It can be intimidating! The details and particular requirements can make for a gruelling process, but it’s certainly not impossible. Especially if you have a team of experts on your side.. 

To become an RTO you need

  • Systems for managing quality across your business
  • Detailed policies and procedures to meet the Standards
  • Strategies for managing marketing and student information
  • Suitable training facilities and equipment
  • Training and assessment materials for all units and qualifications
  • Suitable and appropriate record keeping procedures and student management system
  • Experienced and qualified trainers and assessors and appropriate documentation to demonstrate this
  • Strategies for ensuring ongoing professional development of your trainers
  • Strategies for engaging industry in the development and delivery of your courses
  • Detailed Training and Assessment Strategies for each qualification you intend to deliver
    …and much more!

We know the ins and outs of how to get your RTO registered successfully, so you can have confidence that your application is in the right hands.

Here for you

We have a number of RTO Setup packages that can be tailored to your needs. Perfect to support your application with any regulatory body within Australia. 

Whether you are:

  • Already in the process of setting up an RTO and need some advice.
  • Planing on setting up an RTO in the near future
  • Exploring or researching options for setting up an RTO
    We can help!


We have packages for:



Domestic Registration

For anyone looking to deliver to anyone currently living in Australia

CRICOS Registration

For those who want to get into the international market and deliver Australian qualifications to international students.

ELICOS Registration

For anyone looking to deliver English Language courses such as IELTS, General English

Package inclusions

Business planning and support

Support and feedback on your business plan.

Industry Consultation

We’ll guide you through the industry consultation process so you can ensure your courses are meeting industry and student needs.

Customised Policies and Procedures

All the policies, procedures, forms and templates you need to run your RTO compliantly and successfully. Your policies and procedures will be compliant with the relevant standards and are easy to update in the future. 

Forms and Templates

All the forms and templates you need to run your RTO are provided and customised to suit your RTO – so you’re ready to start running your RTO as soon as you’re registered. 

Course planning

We’ll work with you to develop a delivery strategy for each of your courses and assist you in finding suitable training and assessment resources and trainers.  

Training & Assessment Strategies

We’ll develop a comprehensive Training and Assessment Strategy  for each course that detail the arrangements for delivery. This will be a key document for each course you run. 

Regular Project Meetings

We’ll meet with you on a regular basis throughout the project to discuss where things are at and provide training to you about compliance of your new RTO. These meetings can be done face to face if you’re in Melbourne of via video conferencing if interstate. 

Audit Support

Prior to the audit, we’ll provide comprehensive audit coaching and we’ll also attend your audit with you to help guide you through the auditor’s questions. 

Why Choose us?

RTO Advice Gorup has been helping RTOs get registered since 2009 and have collectively set up close to 100 RTOs

We provide you with:

  • Access to your own dedicated consultant supported by our consulting team
  • Tried and tested approach to initial registration applications and audits
  • Training throughout the application process so you’re ready to hit the ground running
  • Expert knowledge, additional tips and strategies
  • Phone and email support
  • All the policies, procedures, forms, templates and documents you need to run your RTO



Find Out How we Can Help You!





100% of our applications approved by ASQA

Did you know that ASQA only approves 35% of applications submitted? Dont take the risk and ensure you have the right people by your side.