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Why use our recruitment services?

Finally, there is a recruitment service that is focused on your industry only, understands your specialist needs and that can respond quickly!
RTO Recruit is a division of RTO Advice Group. We have recruiters who are dedicated to finding the perfect candidates for your organisation. Our team has a strong background in the VET sector. Having previously owned, managed and worked in many RTOs, we know how to spot candidates with the right capabilities.

As consultants, we understand how difficult and time consuming it can be to find employees who have the specialist skills required to get those important jobs done.

We are here to help –we can take this process off your hands, allowing you to focus on achieving success in your business.

The RTO Recruit Process

Our Recruitment team will manage the complete process for you, including:

  • Refining position description
  • Advertising, screening and interviewing candidates
  • Verifying candidates have appropriate qualifications, vocatinal competency and industry currency
  • Reccomending suitable candidates
  • Head hunting when required
  • Aptitude testing upon request
  • Comprehensive reference checks
  • Confirming offer details
  • Providing and induction program (additional cost if required)

Our Great Rates

Permanent Plaments

Ranging from 10-12% of total annual salary package (minimum applies)

Temporary Placements

20% of the hourly rate for each hour worked. Billed monthly.

Contract Roles

For recruitment of contract trainers/asessors a flat fee of $4,500 + GST applies

Why Choose Us


Dedicated to recruiting for RTOs and the VET sector, so we’re 10% focused on the needs of only this industry.
We come from an RTO Management, consulting and auditing background, so we know how to spot candidates with the right background and capabilities.
We have a wide pool of job-ready candidates available.
We take the risk away with our permanent staff guarantee. If in the unfortunate event that the permanent staff member we recruit leaves within the first three months of employment we will find a replacement free of charge!
We are in contact with many industry professionals who may be looking for a new position and would be perfect for your organisation.
We understand the strain vacancies can put on the daily operations of a busy RTO. We will work hard to ensure that the position is filled as quickly as possible, while never compromising your needs.
Trust our industry experience. Having successfully owned and operated an award-winning national RTO for over 10 years, and now consulting to a large number of RTOs nationally, we understand the personal and professional commitment required for staff to succeed in the VET sector.


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