Reminder for RTOs: Your quality indicator data is due on 30th June – have you submitted yours?


All RTOs are required to collect and report data for the three Quality indicators to their registering body by the 30th June.  The information reported should be for the 2010 calendar year.

The three indicators are:

  1. Competency Completion – data about the number of enrolments and completions per qualification and unit or module

The competency completion data is reported through the Competency Completion Online System (CCOS) which may be pre-populated for those who currently report these numbers through AVETMISS reporting. You should login to the CCOS to confirm that data is accurate and reported. 

  1. Learner Engagement – survey completed by learners
  2. Employer Satisfaction – survey completed by employers

Survey data is to be entered into the SMART system which can be accessed through the ACER website.  The SMART system then provides a summary report which is then submitted electronically by email, or by fax to the registering body. 

If your RTO’s registration is due to be transferred to ASQA on the 1st July (NSW, ACT and NT, as well as some from Vic and WA) see below for arrangements.

Each registering body provides its own information to RTOs about the requirements for submitting Quality Indicator data so be sure to check the advice that is relevant to your RTO.  


Moving to ASQA?

If your registration is moving to ASQA from 1 July 2011, you should submit your data to ASQA rather than your existing registering body.  
This will apply to all RTOs in New South Wales, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory as well as multi-jurisdictional and CRICOS registered RTOs from Victoria and Western Australia.
Visit the ASQA website for information from them about submitting data: ASQA Quality Indicators
Visit the ACER website for further information about quality indicators or to download the resource package.  
Please contact us if we can help you with your quality indicator reporting or if you require clarification.