On Monday November 11th, IBSA (Innovation and Business Skills Australia) released a new free industry resource called the ‘VET Capability Framework’ that outlines levels, domains and skill areas of VET practitioners.   It’s designed to assist with workforce planning, recruitment, performance assessment, professional development and career planning.

You can download the range of tools and documents available from the IBSA website.

The announcement has sparked debate amongst professionals on LinkedIn who are discussing the possible future implications of the framework.  Read the linked in article here.

The IBSA website states that the framework; “will initially operate as a professional development tool for individuals” to which the comment was made by Kathleen Zarubin, from Lifetimes & Milestones,  “I expect ‘this’ will generate a LOT of communication especially over the next couple of years as we begin to see ‘what’ is suggested this actually means / how it is further implemented after the … ‘initially as a professional development tool’ period”.

IBSA’s Robert Bluer responded that during consultation;  “VET practitioners took the view that the Framework should operate, at least initially, as a professional development tool, for individuals and RTOs. It may be the case that in the future the need for new qualifications will arise. But in the meantime it is clear that the application of the Framework in the VET workforce should be allowed to develop over a period of time.

It’s IBSAs view that the VET Capability Framework it has developed with key stakeholders in the VET sector has the potential to fulfil the Productivity Commission’s objective of providing a national approach to VET workforce development. “

If the Productivity Commission aims to provide a national approach, perhaps we can expect to see this framework referenced by future RTO standards.   While currently RTOs are not under any obligation to use the framework.

Published 28th November 2013
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