New Eduworks Learning Design Team

Sep 21, 2020

Meet Our New Eduworks Resources Team Members

In 2020 our staff have welcomed several new colleagues into the family, especially the Eduworks Resources team. We’ve been so fortunate to be able to continue to operate as such a high capacity this year. Not only that, our team has been growing so that we can meet the demands for high quality and compliant resources.

We’ve brought in industry experts to help support our team’s efforts. Supporting the production and quality control of our training and assessment resources, our new team members bring years of experience that complement our existing team.

New Eduworks Resources Learning Design Team

Our new Eduworks Resources Learning Design Project Team is lead by Kate Laferlita. We’re excited to announce that Kate has been made the new Learning Design Team Leader for Eduworks Resources as she leads the team through the growing demands for quality training and assessment resources.

Welcome to our new teammates!

Kate Laferlita

Learning Design Team Leader

About Kate

We’re excited to announce that Kate has been made the new Learning Design Team Leader.

Kate is a VET professional who holds the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Kate worked for several years in the early childhood education and care industry, before moving into vocational education and training.

Kate has experience working in roles such as trainer/assessor, vocational placement coordinator, career consultant and instructional designer. Kate’s passion for developing practical learning and assessment resources over the past eight years has led to her moving into the role of Resource Development Manager here at Eduworks, where she is responsible for managing the team and overseeing the development, quality and timely completion of all projects.

Anna Shaw

Learning Design Project Manager

About Anna

Anna is an Education Technology and Vocational Education and Training specialist who has over twelve years’ experience in developing online training and assessment materials across a range of disciplines. She has delivered a range of projects designing online training content, interactive learning activities and assessment tools, designing for SCORM compliance and agnostic materials for all platforms and devices, to ensure industry partners’ technical and online learning needs are met. Anna has experience in working in roles such as trainer/assessor, team leader curriculum coordinator, compliance coordinator and lead e-learning developer.

Anna’s passion for developing interactive learning resources has led her to key roles in developing eLearning solution for various key sectors, including business, ICT, rail and aviation. Her qualifications include a Graduate Certificate in Adult and Vocational Education, Graduate Certificate in Leadership in Education and Training, Graduate Diploma in Social Science (Technical Communication), and a Bachelor of Multimedia.

Joining the new Learning Design Team, Anna leads the project team as Learning Design Project Manager.

Alana Coleman

Learning Design Project Coordinator

About Alana

Alana has been working in RTOs for 15 years, with a background in the sport, fitness and health area. In her roles as Learning and Development Coordinator, Academic Coordinator and Head of Fitness, she has developed training tools and resources for a variety of learning platforms in the ever-changing dynamic of adult education and School Based Training. Alana’s passion is for helping others, so creating material that trainers and learners find engaging, interesting and educational is always her main priority.

Additionally, Alana holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Certificate III in Business. This helps her in understanding the qualifications that Eduworks Resources supports as Alana joins the Learning Design Project Team.

Stacey Peel

Client Relationship Manager

About Stacey

Stacey began her career working for 17 years in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry. During this time she spent 10 years working in local government supporting services to meet the industry standards and supporting students with their studies.

Stacey worked extensively with key stakeholders developing relationships with businesses in the local community. She prides herself on establishing long-lasting partnerships where clients can feel confident and reassured that she understands the client’s needs and provides current knowledge to support clients through each decision.

Kim Mungcal

Marketing Manager

About Kim

Kim began his career in 2006 as a graphic designer for the educational publisher Cengage Learning (then Thomson Learning). As a junior designer for the marketing team, Kim worked with both primary and higher education departments.

From 2010 to 2015 Kim continued to work in marketing teams as a graphic designer. Learning from his marketing managers, he took an interest in marketing strategy and digital marketing. This complemented the digital design skills that Kim continuously cultivated, both as a graphic designer and as a freelance designer.

In 2015 Kim joined a start up gym business called Ultimate You Change Centre. He became an integral part of the marketing team, helping the company grow from three locations to thirteen in the span of four years. As the company began to franchise, Kim supported the marketing team in both bringing in new clients, and attracting new franchisees. In the five years working for the company Kim went from senior graphic designer to marketing creative director.

Kim joins RTO Advice Group and Eduworks Resources as the new Marketing Manager overseeing and helping create relevant and informative content. Seeing RTO Advice Group as a family business that takes care of its clients, and more importantly its team, Kim is driven to ensure there is consistency throughout RTO Advice Group’s family of brands.

Duncan Campbell-Avenell

Educational Publishing Coordinator

About Duncan

Duncan is a publishing professional who began his editorial career in 2012, at a magazine company where he marked up copy in the time-tested way – with a pencil and proofreaders’ marks.

He spent several years in a series of editorial positions at Cengage Learning Australia (CLA), working in all the stages of textbook production – from planning to development to publication – and was awarded a Master of Publishing and Communications from the University of Melbourne in 2015.

Subsequently, as a freelance supplier, he acted as copy-editor or proofreader for more than 25 tertiary-level textbooks published by CLA, Allen & Unwin and other clients.

Duncan has worked on diverse print and digital resources and in far-flung subject areas. He believes strongly in the value of further education and enjoys his role in helping to shape learning materials into their best possible form.

Duncan is one of the newest members of the team and helps coordinate publishing priorities to make sure client deadlines are met. He ensures that resources go out with RTO Advice Group’s quality seal of approval from an editorial perspective.

Paula Jackson

Admin & Client Support Officer

About Paula

Paula has a background in the International Logistics arena where she worked for 10 years before joining the VET sector. A qualified trainer and assessor with 15 years training experience, Paula worked with students undertaking traineeship programs and is very familiar with the Australian Apprenticeships framework. During this time, other responsibilities included data reporting to State and Federal Governments, complying with Training contracts and Skills First funding contracts, government incentives and claims, recruitment, employee selection and student management. Paula holds multiple Certificate IV qualifications in her vocation and the TAE40116 equivalent.

Paula’s role is to assist the Eduworks team with administrative tasks, customer service, enrolments for trainer professional development and all student services tasks from initial enquiries through to certificate issuance. This role is an exciting change for Paula because there are so many moving parts and no two days are the same.

Since leaving Logistics Paula has worked for an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network and also at an RTO doing Business Development but got the most enjoyment out of helping students through their journeys to obtain their qualifications. Paula enjoys student interaction and ensuring everything runs to schedule.

Karen Armstrong

Admin Support Officer
About Karen

Karen began her career as a Primary School teacher, moving into a financial services business and then to the VET sector in 2011.

During her time in the VET sector, Karen has been a trainer and assessor of Certificate III and IV in Education Support, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Diploma of Management and most recently as a teacher for students with a disability completing the Certificate I in Transition Education.

Karen has also been a course writer for courses as diverse as Certificate I in Conservation and Land Management and the Diploma of Leadership and Management. Karen ensured both students and assessors found the course materials relevant, interesting and easy to use. As a course writer, Karen was instrumental in setting up and maintaining the Learning Management System for the RTO.

In a previous role at a community RTO Karen assisted the Compliance Manager with Compliance Management, including Addition to Scope and TAS development.

Karen holds the following qualifications: Graduate Diploma of Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Leadership; Bachelor of Education; Diploma of Education (Primary Teaching); Diploma of Management; Diploma of Financial Planning and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

In her role of Administration Support Officer Karen works with the team at RTO Advice Group to ensure quality course materials are provided to clients in an efficient manner.

If you have any questions about our Eduworks Resources team or about any of our Eduworks products or services you can contact us by calling 1300 761 141.

It’s business as usual (from home) for us here at RTO Advice Group. We’re here to support you and you can contact us as normal on 1300 676 870.