Are you confused about where and when to use the Nationally Recognised Training Logo as supplied by ASQA? 

ASQA has released a new document that more clearly lays out specifications for RTOs.

Key points are:

  • The NRT logo may be used by Registered Training Organisations (who must be registered either with ASQA or with State or Territory registering/ course accrediting body) when promoting courses or training listed under that RTOs scope of registration
  • If an RTO is offering training that is not on their scope of registration, it must be made clear that the NRT Logo is not associated with that course. 
  • NRT logo must only be used in association with courses that are an accredited 

    AQF aligned course, Training Package qualification or which meet the requirements of 

    the AQTF (RTOs must ensure they clearly differentiate if offering courses that both are and aren’t nationally recognised).

  • The logo cannot be used on corporate stationary, business cards, buildings, training resources or  marketing products
  • ‘ The NRT logo must be depicted on all AQF qualifications, Statements of Attainment and 

    certificates relating to courses meeting the requirements of the AQTF. These can only be 

    issued by an RTO when the training delivered is covered by the RTO’s scope of registration.  The NRT logo must not be depicted on other testamurs or transcripts of results.’



The new document also specifies the font, format and colour of the NRT logo. Size and positioning are not specified however the proportions of the logo must not be altered.