In 2011, a national VET regulator will be established to regulate the vocational education and training sector nationally.

The regulator will register and audit registered training organisations (RTOs) and accredited courses.

The national regulator will regulate all RTOs that:

  • operate in a territory or referring state (currently all states and territories apart from Western Australia and Victoria)
  • deliver to international students.

What will happen in Western Australia  and Victoria?

The current WA and Victorian regulators (the Training Accreditation Council WA and VRQA respectively) will retain responsibility for regulation of RTOs that:

  • operate only within those states
  • do not have international students.

My RTO is registered in Western Australia or Victoria, does that mean we can’t transfer to the National VET regulator?

RTOs will need to move their registration to the national VET regulator if:

  • they deliver to international students
  • if they also provide services in a territory or a referring state.

When will the National VET regulator commence?

The estimated commencement date for the NVR is 1 July 2011, however there will be a gradual approach to transferring responsibility from each state or territory to the new regulator, to ease the transition process. It is anticipated that New South Wales, ACT and Northern Territory will move across first, followed by Queensland, South Australia  and Tasmania later  in 2011.

Who is responsible for conducting funding audits?

States and territories will remain responsible for all issues related to funding.

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