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VET Sector Updates

September 10, 2019

The VET sector is constantly changing and keeping up to date can be hard! Join us for this one hour webinar for an update any and all recent updates to the industry including new strategic focuses from ASQA, changes to popular training packages, changes to government bodies, key reporting dates and expectation and any changes to CRICOS requirements.


Become a TAS Master - Industry Leading Training and Assessment Stategies

September 19, 2019

These advanced webinars explore the latest tips and tricks to ensuring your training and assessment strategies are detailed, accurate and stand up to the toughest of auditing standards.  Designed for those who would like to sharpen their TAS writing skills, this series dissects the components of a strong TAS and explains the process of developing your own.


Dealing with Disruptive Learners

September 25, 2019

Disruptive learners can be your biggest challenge as a trainer! Every class has disruptive learners, so as a trainer its vital you learn how to combat this with simple strategies! Among other key topics you will learn the three steps to dealing with disruptive learners and how to create cohesion in a group.


RTO Auditing Fundamentals

October 04, 2019

This three-part webinar series explores the basic principles and procedures any successful internal auditor must use when conducting audits within an RTO, including key things to look out for under each of the standards. Designed for those with experience in VET, who want to make sure their internal auditing schedule comprehensive and want to learn more about formal audit processes which can be used for both internal and external audits.


Getting Assessment Validation Right

October 09, 2019

Learn what it takes to plan and conduct a good validation session. Join us for this two-part webinar series, to learn the ins and outs of validation including common examples of things that will often be picked up during validation and the actions that should be taken to address them.


Industry Engagement Strategies

October 23, 2019

Industry engagement is vital for every RTO and many RTOs struggle to keep on top of it. In this webinar discover simple ways you can make industry engagement part of your RTOs regular routine to ensure your courses meet current industry needs!


PowerPoints that Save Lives - Avoiding Death by PowerPoint

October 25, 2019

In today’s increasingly online world its essential that as a trainer you have the skills and knowledge to deliver engaging webinars that keep students actively participating throughout the session. Learn to deliver engaging, fun and informative online training that keeps participants completely engaged at throughout the webinar. This session will provide you with powerful tips, tricks and strategies that you can use to ensure your audience stays engaged.


Conducting RPL Assessment

October 29, 2019

Even the best and most experienced assessors are often stumped by RPL and how to assess RPL applications effectively! Assessing through RPL is a vital skill for all assessors to have in their toolbox! Join us for this two-part webinar series that will look at the pros and cons of RPL, how to conduct a sound RPL assessment and what tools you need to conduct a robust RPL assessment.


Marketing - Getting it right in your RTO

October 30, 2019

This webinar gives you tips and tricks on getting marketing right in your RTO.  We’ll cover things to look out for in your advertisements, pre-enrolment information, website, and how to make sure you regularly audit the information that is published in the public domain about your RTO.


Coaching Skills – Creating Self-Driven Learners through Coaching

November 13, 2019

Need the skills to develop learners that are self-driven?  In this webinar discover the tools & techniques that you can use to impact and inspire your students including the catalysts that make students reluctant to learn.