Stay ahead of your compliance requirements for 2018.

With only two months of the year left, why not get a head start on your compliance requirements for 2018? For many RTOs who don’t know where to start, RTO Quality Consulting have prepared the following checklist of key compliance dates to ensure you have your compliance requirements for 2018 in order.

To start, ensure you have marked out the following key dates in your planner:

  • End of Year Reporting (For Skills First funded RTOs) – due 15th January
  • Total VET Activity Data reporting – due end of February
  • CEO Declaration – due end of March
  • Skills First internal audits – before the end of June
  • Quality Indicators – due end of June

You should also make sure you have a plan in place for the following:

  • Review of Training and Assessment Strategies
    You need to make sure your training and assessment strategies reflect any changes you are making for the 2018 year, changes to trainers/ assessors, delivery methods, assessments and so on, and make sure you have recent records of industry engagement.
  • Validation scheduling
    Have you  reviewed your validation schedule and have actioned all validation due in 2017? Have your made a plan for new validation activities for 2018? Check to make sure your validation schedule meetgs the requirements of standard.
  • Trainer/ assessor files
    Your trainer and assessor files need to have up-to-date professional development records that meet the PD requirements, and you have a plan in place for each trainer/assessor for PD to occur in 2018. Make sure CVs and skills matrices are up to date.
  • Pre-enrolment course information
    You should ensure that any changes to your 2018 delivery plans are reflected in information to students, in your course outlines, student handbook and on your website.
  • Website and marketing information
    Take the time to conduct a thorough review of your website to make sure all information displayed is current.
  • Third Party Agreements
    Make sure you conduct a review of any third party arrangements you have in place and make amendments to them if required.
  • Policies and procedures
    Ensure your policies and procedures are up to date and reflective of current industry practices. If you are a CRICOS or ELICOS provider, put a plan in place to make sure you are compliant with the new standards coming into effect in 2018.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list, but a condensed checklist of key items to make sure you have covered.

If you need assistance with getting your RTO ready for your compliance in 2018, we can help. RTO Advice Group offer a range of services to get you compliance ready. Choose from our options below on contact us on 1300 676 870 for a more personalised discussion.

Internal audits and health checks
We can help you prepare in advance so you’re ready for:

  • CEO Declaration. Book before end of February.
  • Skills First internal audits – Book before end of May.
  • Re-registration audits – if your re-registration is due in 2018, we recommend beginning your preparations at least 9 months in advance by scheduling an internal audit so you have time to fix any issues identified ahead of your re-registration audit.**SPECIAL OFFER: Book your 2018 internal audits and health checks before 15th December 2017 to receive a special discount -10%

Compliance Packages
If you need help managing or overseeing all your RTO compliance activities we have a range of packages where we can take a regular ongoing role in managing or overseeing compliance for your business. We’ll make sure you’re on track with all the items on the above list and more and work with you on a regular basis throughout the year.

We can help by facilitating validation sessions with your staff so you can be sure the sessions stay on track and the required outcomes are achieved and documented.
Or if you need your assessment tools validated, we all have experts who can assist.

National Code 2018
For CRICOS providers, the new National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students comes into effect on 1st January 2018. We have a set of new template policies and procedures that are being updated to meet the new National Code. ** SPECIAL OFFER: Buy before 10th January for 20% discount off our normal prices.