The Independent Tertiary Education Council of Australia (ITECA) (previously known as ACPET) have today announced the launch of their new certification program for trainers, assessors and managers in the VET industry.

“Australia has a world-class vocational education and training system and its reputation is thanks to the commitment to quality held by so many trainers, assessors and senior managers. The launch of ITECA College of Vocational Education and Training Professionals provides them with a credential that clearly sets them apart from their peers”

Troy Williams, ITECA Chief Executive

With the launch of this new program under the ITECA College of Vocational Education and Training Professionals, trainers, assessors and managers will be able to obtain two credentials:

  • CEP Certified Education Professional
  • CEM Certified Education Manager

In order to gain admission to the college individuals must meet minimum entry requirements (including current qualifications) and a commitment to ongoing professional development.

These credentials align with key regulatory standards enforced by ASQA and other VET regulators.

These certifications will be able to be displayed post-nominal to provide individuals with immediate and visible recognition for example:

  • Jane Doe CEP

Certified Education Professional – CEP

In order to become a Certified Education Professional individuals will need to demonstrate a couple of things:

  • They must hold the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (or it’s successor)
  • They must hold a qualification in their chosen field (e.g. childcare, nursing, aged care, mechanic etc)
  • Minimum of three years experience in Australia in their chosen field
  • They must demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development including a minimum of 10 hours per year of PD in training and assessment and 10 hours per year in their chosen discipline.
  • A letter of support from two supervisors, or CEM attesting to their professionalism and demonstrated competency as a trainer and assessor

Certified Education Manager – CEM

In order to become a CEM individuals must be able to demonstrate:

  • Current TAE qualification 
  • Relevant management qualification
  • Minimum expectations of ASIC in regards to directors and manages of a company
  • Must not have been a director or manager of any higher ed or VET training institution that has had its registration cancelled
  • Minimum three years experience as a CEO, Managing Director, Division head or proprietor of a training provider
  • Meet fit a proper person requirements
  • Participate in continuing professional development activities equating to at least 15-20 hours p/y on matters relating to management of an RTO.
  • Letter of support from two colleagues at CEO of Managing Director level and/or CEM attesting to professionalism.