Growing RTO and VET Expertise

Nov 9, 2020

Authority and experience from the RTO and VET industry

We are excited to welcome Jennine Cochrane to our team at RTO Advice Group. Jennine comes to us with a long standing history in VET. She has experience working in private RTOs, auditing for NARA, the VRQA, ASQA and also being one of the team leaders at ASQA.

Jennine Cochrane

Jennine Cochrane

RTO Quality Consultant

Jennine has worked in the VET industry since 1988 in various roles before settling into the Compliance realm as a Compliance Manager. Jennine then moved into the auditing specialist role as a Quality Consultant and Auditor for the first national regulator, the National Audit and Registration Agency (NARA) and was a member of the external panel for the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

Since 2011, Jennine has worked as a Principal Regulatory Auditor for the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and more recently, 2019, as a consultant to RTOs on all matters relevant to VET compliance and quality processes. As a result, Jennine is well placed as a trainer for the dual qualification 10615NAT Graduate Diploma of VET Quality and Compliance Management. Having the advantage of working on both sides of the fence, Jennine’s perspective is balanced and practical. Jennine has previously provided training in the Certificate IV and Diploma in Training and Assessment and spoken at multiple VET events including VELG, providing education on various VET matters over the years.

Publishing experience for our Eduworks team

Our team is also happy to announce that we have recruited a new Editing & Publishing Officer for our Eduworks Resources team.

Amanda Green

Amanda Green

Editing & Publishing Officer

Amanda is a publishing professional who began in the industry as a Desktop Publisher in the 1990s; working at both Deakin and Swinburn Universities. More recently she worked at a large trade publishing house, where she was responsible for a team of editors and a backlist of over 50 titles, ranging from daily newsletters to large 2,000 page annuals.

She has degrees in science and computing, and this led to her working closely with IT specialists to enhance and develop the XML publishing platforms.

Amanda loves her change in industry and focus. She is responsible for formatting and proofreading Eduworks products to get them ready for dissemination.

It’s business as usual (from home) for us here at RTO Advice Group. We’re here to support you and you can contact us as normal on 1300 676 870.

If you have any questions about our Eduworks Resources you can contact us by calling 1300 761 141.