know the rules

The Draft 2016 Victorian VET Funding Contract has been released and falls in line with tougher contract compliance requirements recommended in the Victorian VET Funding Review recently completed by Bruce Mackenzie.

Expressions of Interest for RTOs looking to secure a Victorian Government 2016 VET Funding Contract have now closed, with a large number of RTOs submitting their applications.

To ensure you are ready for January 1st, here are some of the major changes to the 2016 VET Funding Contract that you need to understand and ensure you are prepared for:

  • More emphasis has been placed on AQF Volume of Learning and Amount of Training and how RTOs meet these requirements
  • Evidence that the training duration and intensity is appropriate for the qualification and students
  • Further restrictions on subcontracting of services
  • Expectation of all RTOs to have strong industry skills in all areas they provide training in
  • Introduction of Victorian Training Guarantee Quality Charter

The Higher Education and Skills Group has indicated that new RTOs and RTOs that the Department does not have survey data for (through a Department-conducted survey) will undergo a performance review focused on ‘quality’ before a 2016 contract will be offered.

Now is the time to review your practices and quality management systems and update as required.  The new rules kick off on 1st of January 2016. If you require any assistance with understanding the new 2016 Victoria VET Funding Contract or implementing a new quality management system, please contact us on 1300 676 870 or


Published 22rd October, 2015