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Our consulting team has a wide range of experience and can provide advice across a wide range of RTO Requirements.

Funding Applications

We can assist with your funding application. With experience in a number of different states’ requirements, we can help you take that next step for your business.

Reporting Requirements

Have questions about reporting requirements such as quality indicator reporting or total VET activity data reporting? We can provide you with the support you need.

Research Projects

We can help conduct thorough industry research to present to the directors/board to assist in their decision making.

Buying an RTO?

If you’re thinking about purchasing an RTO it’s imperative you conduct proper due diligence prior to spending your hard earned money. Talk to us today about how we can support you through your new purchase.

Targeted Audits

We can conduct targeted audits to address specific business needs.

Why RTO Advice Group

Our Expertise

With RTO Advice Group you get a team of experienced VET professionals each of who have their own set of unique skills and knowledge. With RTO Advice Group you can be sure you’ll receive the most up to date industry advice and knowledge.

Our Experience

Our consulting team has over 90 years of combined VET experience working at a range of levels across organisations including CEO, RTO Manager, Compliance Manager, Operations Manager, Administration Manager and more.

Our Quality Outcomes

We achieve quality outcomes for our clients. Whether you’re looking to extend your scope of registration, applying for funding, applying for new registration types, we will help you achieve your goal.

Here's what some of our clients have to say

Anne Smithies – Testimonial

Expert advice and guidance in all aspects of RTO policies and procedures

In 2010, Berry Street made a decision to purchase a package of policies, procedures and supporting documents, that would ensure compliance against AQTF 2010 standards. After thorough research, we decided that the RTO Advice Group package was the most suitable for us. The RTO policies and procedures are very thorough, providing us with a large range of policies that we have easily been able to adapt to our environment.

We have also use the services of RTO Advice Group to provide us with consultancy support. Shashi’s knowledge of “all things RTO” is extensive, and she has provided us with expert advice and guidance in all aspects of the functioning and future development of our RTO. The RTO policies and procedures and support provided by RTO Advice Group has been key in ensuring that we have solid policies and processes, and has allowed us to move our focus from managing the RTO to looking at future directions.

Anne Smithies

Teena Sapwell – Testimonial

12 Qualifications and 200 enrolments in 12 months

Thanks to RTO Advice Group and the experience of its directors I was confident in the decision to develop my own RTO and managed to do so, with no non compliances in only 4 months. Although my team and I had worked for several years with other RTOs, and I myself had been a State Manager and Campus Director, the task of setting up an RTO from conception to registration is very different to working for an established organisation, even if the role was in senior management. RTO registration, compliance and maintenance is a complex and involved process, requiring thorough understanding of the AQTF, State Training Authority requirements, detailed HR policies and company procedures combined with finely tuned compliance and risk management strategies. All must be in place and well understood before registration can occur. Apart from all that, once established you need the confidence understanding and ability to maintain registration and grow your business. Jacqui and Shashi can assist with all the above and whilst doing so, support the RTO staff in ensuring the business moves forward in the right direction from the beginning. Their supportive and friendly approach provides you with the skills and knowledge required when establishing a high quality RTO and their on going consultancy services means you are never alone in maintaining that high service level beyond registration. Their years of experience and dedication to the training industry was invaluable to myself as a new RTO owner, wanting to ‘get it right’. If you believe in high-quality training and assessment services, and want to be confident when it comes to initial registration, then I highly recommend taking the time to speak with RTO Advice Services before you take the first step. We did, and in less than twelve months, TLC Training Solutions has 12 qualifications on scope, has grown to over 200 enrolments, is about to launch into two other States, has government contracts and I can say in all honesty, we have the wisdom and experience of Jacqui and Shashi to thank for our ability to do so. With many thanks!

Teena Sapwell

Karl Waddell – Testimonial

It’s wonderful to have knowledge, friendly and cooperative stakeholders to help me through

RTO Advice Group provided me with expert advice and service that I found to be particularly helpful.

Applying for RTO accreditation has the potential to be quite a daunting experience; it’s wonderful to have knowledgeable, friendly and cooperative stakeholders to help me through the process. Thank you.

Karl Waddell

Jennie Barrera – Testimonial

We gladly endorse their services

Werribee Community and Education Centre is able to look to RTO Advice Group for accurate advice whenever it needs to. We gladly endorse their services.

Jennie Barrera

Sarah Radi – Testimonial

They gave me the confidence and ability to get through audit

I sought the support from RTO Advice Group to assist me in applying and registering for a Registered Training Organisation. The RTO was successfully registered through the support and ongoing assistance of Shashi Hodge from RTO Advice.

Shashi and her team were able to assist with any questions I had, and supported me 100% all the way; her knowledge and expertise provided me with the confidence and ability to get through the audit.

My relationship is maintained with RTO Advice Group to assist in running my RTO, and we would not have it any other way.

Sarah Radi

Nikki Riddiford – Testimonial

Such a great team that actually delivers on their promises

RTO Advice Group have provided fantastic support for us as a new RTO. We could not speak more highly of the entire team at RTO Advice Group. After dealing with two other companies that claim to provide the same type of service, we were so thankful to have found such a great team that actually can deliver on their promises.

Jacqui and the team have extensive experience in the industry and offer a professional and supportive approach to what can be a very overwhelming experience. RTO Advice Group were a key player in PriorityCPR gaining initial registration and have also assisted us to extend our scope only 4 months later.

The online system RTO KnowHow has assisted us to streamline our business and made achieving compliance so much easier. We had one very impressed auditor just last week who was very pleased with RTO KnowHow stating “they have really done their homework!” Starting any type of business is daunting, especially an RTO!

Having the right team to offer their help and support makes the process much easier and less stressful. Don’t make the same mistake as we did and spend money on other services that claim to provide the same. RTO Advice Group are amazing at what they do! We look forward to working with the wonderful team for many many years to come!

Nikki Riddiford

Shanelle Oakley – Testimonial

Three audits in a row with no non-compliances is a massive achievement

I just want to say a massive thank you to RTO Advice Group for all your help and support with my initial RTO registration!

Emily was so supportive during my RTO set-up. Every time I sent an email I got a reply almost immediately. I made lots of phone calls throughout the process and always got helpful and friendly service and advice. I met with Emily several times and felt very comfortable to have her by my side during my initial audit for Grace Training.

I have learnt a lot from RTO Advice Group throughout the process and I am very impressed with what you have set up for my RTO. I believe in high quality training and you reflected all that in my documents that you produced and helped me produce. I am very grateful to have you as my consultant and would not hesitate in coming back to you in the future.

I also want to congratulate Emily on a very impressive “hat-trick” for your audits that you have assisted with. Three audits in a row with no non-compliances is a massive achievement that Emily and the team should be extremely proud of. Emily, is a perfectionist when it comes to ensuring all the documents are correct and compliant and I can’t thank her enough!

Shanelle Oakley

Brooke Taylor – Testimonial

The service has always been outstanding and highly professional

RTO Advice Group have provided us with support in a range of areas including preparing for our re-registration audit, preparation of assessment materials, extension to scope and implementation of a new QMS. The service provided has always been outstanding and highly professional. Shashi and the team provided great service and always in a timely fashion.

Brooke Taylor


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