Five Reasons why your RTO needs VETevolve!

Trainer and assessor capability is a core focus area for ASQA over the next few years. Professional development is a big area of non-compliance, so now more than ever it’s important to ensure your trainers and assessors are keeping up to date with their professional development requirements.

Over the last 10 years attending countless audits with our clients, and assisting clients with audit rectifications, one thing has become clear: Trainer and assessor files are almost always found non-compliant. Why? The majority of the time it’s due to insufficient professional development, or RTOs being unable to track down certificates from staff to keep their file up to date.

Enter VETevolve. VETevolve takes care of all the VET and trainer/assessor PD your trainers need for a yearly membership cost starting at only $150 per year!! That’s right, $12.50 per month and your PD is taken care of. The cost is even less if you sign up for a business membership.

So what are the 5 top reasons your RTO needs VETevolve? Here they are:

  1. Cost effective – We challenge you to find another solution for trainer and assessor professional development at a lower price point!
  2. PD anytime, anywhere – Built for the busy working professional, you can now complete PD around your schedule. Log in and choose the next thing you’d like to learn from our huge range of VET and trainer/assessor topics! Whether it’s 15 minutes before bed, on the train/bus to work or from your office. VETevolve is completely flexible and can be accessed on any device (how good is that?!)
  3. Instant Certificates – As soon as a VETevolve module has been completed you will receive an instant certificate of completion. This certificate will be emailed to you by the system and will always be available to re-download in your VETevolve account.
  4. Admin reporting – With our business memberships we will provide you with 2-4 admin logins to view and track your staff’s PD. Say goodbye to chasing down your trainers for certificates and keep on top of those staff files!
  5. Tracking of PD Goals – We have PD goals built in so you can monitor each area of development and how much PD you’ve done for each goal each year. Each module achieves a certain number of points based on the complexity of the module which will count towards each goal. Track how much PD you’ve done for Delivery Skills, Assessment Skills, Compliance Knowledge etc.

If you would like a FREE demonstration of the system or would like to know more contact us on the email below, or check out the VETevolve page on our website

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