Under reform of the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program, RTOs will find it much harder to receive funding for existing workers entering an Australian Apprenticeship at a Certificate III or IV level.  From July 1st employers with existing worker apprentices in an occupation not listed on the National Skills Needs List.

  • will no longer receive the standard commencement payment (worth $1,500)
  • will receive a higher standard completion payment (now $3,000 up from $2,500)

This means that employers will not receive any funding for these enrolments until after all training and assessment has been completed, so RTOs may need to re-consider payment arrangements made with employers. 

Also under this reform, all Australian Apprenticeships commencement payments will now be paid 6 months after commencement rather than 3 months.

These changes will effect new enrolments from July 1st.   Outstanding sign ups should be processed before 30th June to receive funding under the old system.