CRICOS Support

Are you looking to deliver nationally recognised training to international students?

We have a team of expert quality consultants with extensive industry experience who are equipped and ready to help your college achieve its goals.  

We can:

    • Assist clients in adding CRICOS registration to their existing RTO
    • Assist clients in setting up an RTO with CRICOS registration
    • Conduct an internal audit against the National Code and the ESOS Act
    • Assist with developing, refining or updating your policies and procedures
    • Assist in the management of your compliance on an ongoing basis
    • Help with extension to scope applications
    • Assist with administration and data reporting requirements
    • Review trainer files

…and much more!

Our commitment to quality, compliance and ethical RTO Management and operations are second to none.

CRICOS Registration Support


Are you interested in adding CRICOS Registration to your existing RTO? Confused about where to start, or don’t have time to get the project up off the ground and running? We can help!

We’ll work with you through our four-stage process where we guide and support you every step of the way. Each step includes a detailed project plan to ensure you know where you’re up to and your dedicated consultant is just a phone call away throughout the entire journey. 



Stage 1 - Course and Business Planning

We will help you identify how and when your courses will be delivered including assistance in how to consult with industry about their needs to ensure your courses are current and relevant. We will also support you with templates and guidance in preparing a detailed business plan with financial reports and projections for your application to ASQA.


Stage 2 - Quality, Systems and Documentation

During this stage we will prepare documents, systems and processes to ensure resources are ready for your RTO to demonstrate compliance against the VET Quality Framework. This stage will focus on ensuring everything is prepared and ready to submit during stage 3.


Stage 3 - Application Review and Submission

During this stage we will collate all the information and documents organised and prepared during stage one & two in order to submit your application.


Stage 4 - Audit and Approval

This is the final stage! The focus during this stage is to prepare for the audit and any follow up required. During this stage we will ensure you are prepared for the audit and coach you on responding to requirements and auditors questions. We will attend your site audit with you to provide support on the day.

Why Choose us?

RTO Advice Gorup has been helping RTOs get registered since 2009 and have collectively set up close to 100 RTOs

We provide you with:

  • Access to your own dedicated consultant for guidance and support
  • All consultants are supported by our team of quality and compliance experts with admin and project support
  • Confidence and reassurance that you have industry experts on your side
  • Expert knowledge, additional tips and strategies
  • Phone and email support
  • Everything you need to get up and running including complete quality management systems necessary for running your RTO


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