27 January 2011

The National Quality Council (NQC) has released an advice bulletin in relation to the implementation of specific new conditions within the AQTF for RTO registration and auditing. You can view this advice bulletin here.

This advice was to recommend that state and territory training authorities do not audit RTOs on Condition 5, as outlined within the AQTF, until Tuition Assurance Schemes are approved and notice given from the Ministerial Council, which is expected to occur in July 2011. This advice, however, is a recommendation only. The Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) requires RTOs to meet all requirements laid out in Condition 5 – Financial Management.

Click here to view our Implementation Guide, which outlines options for RTOs in regards to meeting Condition 5 and the protection of student fees paid in advance.

You may also wish to attend one of the following information sessions presented by Grant Thornton Chartered Accountants on behalf of the VRQA. We recommend that all new RTOs and those seeking new registration should attend one of these sessions.


VRQA: Financial Management Guidance Sessions

10 February or 12 May – Melbourne, bookings essential, free sessions.

As each individual state or territory has its own separate registering body, RTOs who are registered to a different authority may not be required to comply with Condition 5 until a later date. For more information contact your registration authority directly: