It’s No Secret That Registering An RTO Can Be Difficult.

Visitors to the Australian Skills Quality Authority’s RTO registration page are greeted with phrases like: “complex process”, “high standards” and “rigorous assessment.”

It can be intimidating! The detailed and particular requirements can make for a gruelling process, but it’s certainly not impossible… especially if you have a team of experts on your side.

In order to register an RTO, you need to have the following things in place
  • Systems for managing quality across your business
  • Detailed policies and procedures to meet the Standards
  • Strategies for managing marketing and student information
  • Suitable training facilities and equipment
  • Training and assessment materials for all units and qualifications
  • Suitable and appropriate record keeping procedures and student management system
  • Experienced and qualified trainers and assessors and appropriate documentation to demonstrate this
  • Strategies for ensuring ongoing professional development of your trainers
  • Strategies for engaging industry in the development and delivery of your courses
  • Detailed Training and Assessment Strategies for each qualification you intend to deliver
…and much more!
There’s a lot to get right! But we can help…

We support you through the registration process and set you up for success from the start.
Our experienced consultants will guide you at every step of the way, completing the major tasks for you, but making sure you learn along the way so you can run your RTO once established.
We have helped over 30 RTOs become registered and our proven track-record will give you peace of mind when choosing RTO Advice Group to support you in your journey.

When choosing RTO Advice Group to help you on this exciting journey, the following is included:

Business Planning Support

Support and feedback on your business planning

Customised Policies and Procedures

All the policies and procedures you need to run your business compliantly and successfully. Your policies and procedures will be compliant with the relevant Standards and easy to update in the future.

Training & Assessment Strategies

We’ll develop comprehensive Training and Assessment Strategies for each course that detail the arrangements for delivery. This will be a key document for each course you run.

Industry consultation

Engaging with industry for each of your courses is critical to developing quality courses. We’ll guide you through the industry consultation process.

Forms and Templates

All the forms and templates you need to run your RTO are provided and customised to suit your RTO – so you’re ready to start running your RTO as soon as you’re registered

Regular Project Meetings

We’ll meet with you on a regular basis throughout the project to discuss where things are at and provide training to you about compliance of your new RTO.

Audit Support

Prior to the audit, we’ll provide comprehensive audit coaching and we’ll also attend your audit with you to help guide you through the auditor’s questions.


In the unlikely event that there are any issues with our work at audit, we’ll fix the problems free-of-charge.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you with your RTO plans

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